It's a fun, unique and interesting way to say Merry Christmas. Cut through the clutter and give the gift that will be remembered.

Simple & Elegant

With a white background and app icons neatly stacked in the foreground, AppyPaper emphasizes the awesome gift wrapped inside.


The only wrapping paper that is designed to not only complement the gift but also to re-engage the recipient after the unwrapping.

Easy to Use

It's a gift wrap and we're almost certain that every recipient will be familiar with the concept. But if they aren't, we have a few Youtube links for them.

Developers: Get your app featured on AppyPaper

It's the next best thing to having your app pre-loaded on the gifted device.

Saves you money

Promoting your app during the holiday season is very expensive. AppyPaper gives you a far better ROI.

Fresh & Unique

A fresh new twist on the old boring Christmas wrapping paper that is sure to impress and grab attention.

Share in the love

Capture users attention on the happiest day of the year when they are most excited about their new devices.

Perfect Timing

The mobile devices gift wrapped with AppyPaper will certainly require new apps once activated. Your app should be one of them.


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